Hofstra Discovery ProgramIn a world were its very important we find our purpose on time, where its very important we walk in the right path towards success and develop the best leadership skills we can.

Find Your Purpose

Gp’s Global Concepts, holds first Leadership and Timely Discovery Program in Africa

Our Leadership and Timely Discovery is a brand program meant for young people. The last edition was held in Best Brain School Bashorun in Ibadan where  we have over 35 secondary schools in attendance with 5 representatives  from each with some other young individuals while Miss Ojeleye Opemipo emerged as the Ambassador in attendance was also the Permanent Secretary Oyo-State Ministry of Education (DR B.V.A Bello) some senior lecturers and students from the Premier University of Ibadan among others  The program is a yearly event that requires one’s participation at least once in a lifetime, which is typically necessary and highly important for young people,

logothis program is initiated /inspired by the fundamental making of stars time and season also by the importance of time and season in the making/raising of stars.


This program is Basically to inspired and affect life by having positive impact in our society developmental goal, the initiative is to give/provide the very best understanding on the efficacy of Good Leadership and Timely Discovery of potential for striking accomplishment moreover the program as tagged; LEADERSHIP AND TIMELY DISCOVERY is to stair up young people time consciousness in their pursuit of destiny and explaining the importance of gaining the command of destiny on time.


Our mission and vision is succinctly investing in the posterity (Future Leader) by encouraging /promoting their innovations, talents, culture and make their dreams takes on timely materiality and tangibility also to have divine sensitivity for utmost accomplishment, preparing them all for the need to be timely definite in life and not guessing around for every stars in every generation are early risers E.g Benjamin Franklin, Steve Murphy, Kenneth Haggin, John Dell , and even Jesus Christ among others, all raise up to responsibility at a tender age, for Timely Discovery is the only security/assurance of one’s stardom (early discovery early to rise, early to shine).

“This program is a yearly event as said earlier and it’s a symposium on this mission & vision in which three (3) best participants are emerged to be our ambassadors, these ambassadors becomes are spokespersons that touch lives on this mission and grows more personally from their gained experience”

Please call +2348033867209, +447031955223,+2348054148968 for enquirers and to find out how you can be a part of the 2013 edition.

Date: Wednesday 13th November 2013


TIME: 08:00 AM

Project coordinator: OYEDIJO OLUWASEGUN

2013 Leadership & Timely Discovery

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